Nightingale Partners

First established in London in 1985, our private equity firm's essence was 'patience'. Now headquartered in Australia and with offices in Sydney and Hong Kong, patience still is, and always will be, our guiding principle and how we achieve superior long-term returns for our stakeholders.

That’s why our focus is first and foremost on taking the time to select and back the right people. We believe, and have indeed proven, that the right people will always be the most critical factor to the long-term success of any business.

Once chosen, we work along-side our partners. We provide expertise in business practice and strategy, sharing our industry insights and knowledge, and connecting our partners with our comprehensive network. Our disciplined, patient approach is designed to help them achieve and exceed our shared long-term business goals.

As a true partner, we help the people we back and their businesses reach their maximum potential. Patient, disciplined and committed, we back business owners, we don’t buy companies.

We are Nightingale Partners, The Patient Investors.