Aerologix - Initial Investment


In November 2020, Nightingale Partners Pty Ltd (“Nightingale”) and Phoenix Development Fund Limited (“Phoenix”) agreed to invest in Aerologix Pty Ltd (“Aerologix”).

More and more large organisations across the telecommunications and utilities sectors require a fast and cost-effective way to inspect their assets and infrastructure for regular assessment or to attend to issues in a timely manner. Aerologix is a platform that allows the increasing talent pool of drone pilots to safely, remotely and efficiently complete client survey missions. Any drone vision can be uploaded to the Aerologix platform from anywhere. The Aerologix app controls the drone and can fly the mission using Aeropath, a patented technology that ensures quality image capture.

Aerologix is led by Founders Tom Caska and Rakesh Routhu. The business is a result of the combination of Mr Caska's previous drone photography business Aerolens and Mr Routhu's drone swarm management platform R2 Robotronics.

Nightingale and Phoenix’s investment garnered the attention of the Australian Financial Review, who recently published the following article: