Larki - Initial Investment

Nightingale Partners Pty Ltd (“Nightingale”) and Phoenix Development Fund Limited (“Phoenix”) are pleased to announce their investment in LARKI Pty Ltd (“Larki”).

Founded by Simon Cookes in 2016, Larki is an information and data platform for architects, particularly useful in the pre-design phase for up to date quick, economical and detailed site data. LARKI’s platform allows architects to access, request and purchase the 3D survey data they need in a cheaper and faster way than traditional methods.

The investment will provide LARKI with strong foundations to expand its platform and 3D data provision to architects and the wider property industry. It is a high-resolution, laser scanned version of 3D Google Earth Pro for architects, property developers and planners. It enables architects to get a precise 3D representation of their sites downloaded in minutes to help speed up their designs. Government planners have detailed and measurable site information so they can make quick approvals, speeding up the main bottleneck in property development and holding cost drain. SME property developers planning to build can save months and tens of thousands off their projects.

LARKI is co-founded between Cookes – an architect, researcher and teacher – and ex-CSIRO software engineer Daniel Moore, with offices in Melbourne and Sydney. LARKI’s clients include JLL, the Victorian government, Deakin University, MAB and Architecture Institute Gold Medal winner John Wardle Architects.